Play, Laugh, Learn, Grow


Our Staff is committed to providing your child with a variety of ways to explore, experiment with, experience, and enjoy his/her learning environment.
  NAME Position Email 
1 Catherine Swayze Vice Principal
2 Shobna Banga Administrative Assistant
3 Laura French Teacher
4 Robbye Losada Teacher
5 Maureen McMullan Teacher
6 Judy McQuillan Teacher
7 Tina Carrino Child Study Team
8 Maria Villar Child Study Team
9 Shelley Zakim Child Study Team   
10 Ami Cordaro Child Study Team
11 Elisa Both Child Study Team
12 Geena Gladysiewicz Child Study Team
13 Allegra Greeley Speech
14 Marissa Ruppel Speech
15 Kayal Arasu Paraprofessional
16 Sujata Madan Paraprofessional
17 Jill Deakyne Paraprofessional
18 Kathleen Rocker ParaProfessional
19 Athena Kostis Paraprofessional
20 Mary Lombardi Paraprofessional
21 Mary Lou Lutz Paraprofessional
22 Andrew Hibell Custodian
23 Mateo Carrelero Security Guard

Catherine Swayze
Laura French
Mateo Carrelero
Andrew Hibell